Reiki technique to calm you down

There are several ways to calm down when you feel very nervous, but it is important not to get carried worn by instinct and to act to bring you a state of calm and even good mood.
There are people who choose to pray, hug a tree, listen to music, take a salt bath, go to a gym, say 9 times our Father, do self-treatment Reiki, etc., but the important thing is that they do not choose to act aggressively verbally or physically, nor do they create a state of frustration through nonaction.
I propose a Reiki technique to restore your calmness and inner well-being.
Activate your palms with the known symbols. Activate the CKR, SHK symbols on both chakra projections, including the shoulder and sole chakras with the intention of opening and cleaning them.
Open the dimension upwards, from you to the highest Light Source (to which you have access, to the Primordial God) with CKR, SHK, HSZSN, DKM, OM, HARTH. Draw from the hips down, underfoot, Kryia and visualize how the wheels anchor in the center of the earth by rooting it you.
Visualize how the energy from the Light Source flows, enters your body through chakra 7, fills your physical body with Light, then the energetic bodies and at the same time, through the roots created by Kryia, the negative energy is sent from the body to the center of the earth.
After a while, if you can’t do it at the same time as the next breath and visualization, you can do it as a second part of the technique.
Next to the face (nose, mouth), at a distance of 20 cm, activate the symbols CKR, SHK, HSZSN, DKM, OM, HARTH, SHANTI, (drawing and saying their names 3 times).
Say: “I inspire all the information and energy that brings me in all my structures, calm, inner peace and good mood; I exhale all the information and energy that blocks my well-being, calm, inner peace and good mood ”, imagining you that you inhale energy and light and exhale beyond yours fields (at the edge of the Universe), all the energy that creates your discomfort, information and the energy that blocks your well-being.
When you feel that you have regained your inner balance, make a large symbol, as you, CKR and step into it with the intention of sealing the treatment.
Thank you to all the light entities who came and helped you (through the activated symbols).
May it be useful to you!


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