Mantras for abundance and prosperity


It is good that the recitation of the mantras is done daily, for 10-30 minutes, even one hour, in a state of silence and concentration of the mantra and especially on the intention.
Om Vasudhare Svaha – money mantra
(pronounced Om Wa Su Dha Rei Swa Ha, repeated 108 times in one session). To increase wealth and prosperity, so that devotees can pursue their spiritual goals with less physical and worldly fun.
Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha- for abundance
(pronounced Om shreem m’-ha lahk-shmee-yay swah-ha, repeated 108 hours). The mantra for abundance, whether it be more health, wealth or happiness. You can sing this mantra to the goddess Lakshmi, the embodiment of the Hindu goddess of luck, prosperity, wealth and beauty, it is the Goddess who is responsible for changing the vibrational support or the field around money, wealth and abundance. It is recommended to chant mantra 108 times daily, for 40 days. Some chant it for 10 minutes. Sometimes the mantra allows only a small flow of abundance, but sometimes a flood of luck comes very quickly. Many positive things happen to the people who invoke Lakshmi.
Om Namo Narayanay (repeated 108 times). Mantra brings love, prosperity, abundance, glory, strength, wisdom and knowledge and all the positive vibrations in and around you. Restores serenity and harmony between mind and body. It releases negative emotions.
Om Hrim Shri Lakshmi Bhyo Namaha (repeated 108 times) Usage: Create abundance, open your heart to new possibilities.
It is said that when a mantra is recited in Sanskrit for the first time, to be effective, it must be recited 800 times. Then 108 times, three times a day, in the morning, at noon and in the evening, with a calm, relaxed mind, without being distracted by anything.

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