Awakening – Anthony de Mello

„Remember those wonderful words of the Buddha, when he said,” Monks and disciples not only do not have to accept my words out of respect, but also analyze them as a goldsmith analyzes gold – secret it, shaving it, rubbing it, melting it ”.
When you do that, you listen. You took another big step towards awakening.
The first step, as I said, was kindness in acknowledging that you don’t want to wake up, that you don’t want to be happy. within you there are all kinds of objections to it.
The second step is the goodwill of understanding, listening, and challenging your entire belief system. Not just your religious beliefs, your political beliefs, your social beliefs, your psychological beliefs – but to all faiths.
Goodwill to reconsider them all, as in the metaphor of the Buddha.
And here I will give you plenty of opportunities to do this.
The liberation, the awakening is not possible without going out of print, without getting out of the coffin of faith. ”
Anthony de Mello.

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