Algorithm, prayer for the annihilation of oaths and curses

Light 9 wax candles with the intention of annihilating, unleashing any programs / information of vows and curses and with the intention that any negative or evil entity will be sent where God the Father decides, Maker of everything and everything.

I pray to all the Beneficial Entities of the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father, who will, can and must, help me and bring my prayer to God the Father, Creator of all that is.

Heavenly Father, Lord Creator of all that is, please, with Your Will, with Your Power, Wisdom and Love, for my supreme good (name) on all planes, annihilate any oath of chastity, silence, poverty, obedience, belonging, loyalty, exclusivity, poverty, fraternity, camaraderie, service, marriage, love, revenge, obedience that I have ever done in this life or in others.

God annihilates any oath or curse I have made, thought or said, on my organs, on any component of my physical or spiritual body, any oath or curse I have made on my soul, life, fate, destiny, blood, mind, family, nation, children, eyes, heart, iron, hands, feet, growth, money, roads, knowledge, love, relationships, home, car, wealth, wealth, food, water, earnings, work, success, angels, chakras, energy strength, power, health, sexuality, potency, beauty, gifts, graces, potentials, friends, the way of life, on spiritual and personal development ….

With Your Will, in the name and with the power of the Holy Trinity, any false oath I have ever taken, any oath made out of fear or obligation, any oaths made out of ignorance or false beliefs I have ever made are annihilated. In the name and by the power of the Holy Trinity, any contract that I have ever signed and that now prevents me from being happy and fulfilling my spiritual mission in this life is annihilated.

Now, Heavenly Father, Lord Creator of all that is, Please grant me Your mercy, break my bond with the oath and curse with which I have bound myself now or in any life or dimension, and whatever I have spoken out of ignorance, or remembrance, or if I have done anything out of the weakness of the soul, He who knows human weakness, as a lover of men, all sins, willful and unwilling, forgive me, You, the One who unties the bound, He who lifts up the downtrodden, the hope of the hopeless, the rest of the weary; release me (Name) from the connection of my sins, oaths, curses made now or in the past, and any vows or curses made by others on me.

Please forgive me (name) for any mistake I have made towards Your Creation, forgive my iniquities, my willful and unwilling mistakes, those with knowledge and ignorance, those with violation of the commandment and disobedience, with thought, deed, word or nonaction.

By any method, physical or symbolic, I have bound myself by oath, Lord annihilate by Your omnipotent Power.

You, Heavenly Father God, free me with Your goodness, from the bond that is placed on me by curses or self-curses and vows, and grant me without sin, in all time and place, to boldly draw near to Your glory, and with a clear mind I ask for Your great help and mercy.

That God is merciful and loving to men, and to You we exalt glory, now and forever and ever. Amen.

And just as the wax from the candles melts, so my negative programs are annihilated so that I (the name) can fulfill my purpose decided by the Father before the Creation of the World. Amen.

All with Your Will Lord for my supreme good (name) on all planes of my life.

Thank you for listening to me and fulfilling my request!


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