108 illusions of the mind

In Tibetan Buddhism it is believed that there are 108 sins or 108 illusions of the mind: abuse, aggression, ambition, anger, arrogance, dishonesty, calculation, blasphemy, hardening, whimsy (unexplained changes in mood or behavior), hypercritical (being severely critical of others), bullying, contempt, cruelty, swearing, deceit, deception, deception, delirium, gambling, hunger for desire, dipsomania (alcoholism characterized by intermittent bouts of desire), discord, disrespect, disdain , dogmatism, domination, high desire for power, impertinence (insolent or impertinent behavior), selfishness, envy, excessive character, disbelief, falsehood, boring, „covert”, gambling, fluttering (the tendency to talk about trivial matters), mockery, greed, avarice, rudeness, insensitivity / dog at heart, hatred, truffle, arrogance, hostility, humiliation, hurt, hypocrisy, ignorance , usurpation (assuming power or authority without justification), imposture (pretending to be someone else, in order to mislead), boldness, inattention, indifference, non-recognition, unpopular lust, insidious / foreboding, intolerance, intransigence (I do not wish or want) refuses to change, is against one’s opinions or refuses to agree on something), irresponsibility, jealousy, omniscience, misunderstanding, libidinous, lying, malignant diseases, manipulation, masochism, pity, negativity, obsession, stubbornness, boldness, oppression, ostentatiousness, pessimism, prejudice, presumption, pretense, pride, waste (of money, expense or the free use of resources through recklessness), scorn, anger, rapacity (being aggressively greedy or greedy), ridicule, sadism, sarcasm, seduction, self-denial, self-hatred, sexual lust, shame, shame, stubbornness, torment, tyranny, wickedness, naughty, inflexible, vanity, revenge, violence, violent temper, lust, anger.

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